Biomanufacturing – production of biobased products

Services include: fermentation, optimization, modeling, and scale-up


  • 1, 5, and 80 litre reactors
  • mass flow controllers
  • pH and DO probes
  • Online and offline analytics

Optimization and Modeling

  • Metabolic engineering
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Enzyme Characterization and Optimization

Bioprocess Design

  • Scale-up
  • Purification
  • Technoeconomic Assessment

Biomanufacturing, or the production of chemicals and materials using microbial fermentation, is playing an increasingly important role in the chemical and manufacturing industry. BioZone’s ability to engineer and model biological systems opens avenues to produce novel and non-natural products. In doing so, BioZone embodies scale-up at an early stage, helping to ensure target strains will be commercially viable. BioZone is making further investments in biomanufacturing capacity to facilitate fee-for-service use by academic and industrial collaborators.

BioZone has a unique set of skills and tools for development of biomanufacturing processes from microliter to 100L scale. Our liquid handling robotic and integrated plate reader platform allow us to perform high-throughput screening of up to hundreds of samples per day. This enables the assessment of a large number of variables from process conditions to medium com- position, using appropriate experimental designs and response surface methodology.

For scaling-up, we have six 500mL bioreactors, fully equipped with mass flow controllers, pH probes and sensitive DO probes to enable precise control. From here, strains can be scaled to one of three 5L Infors bioreactors, or moved directly to 80L scale.

Featured Equipment

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