BioZone Association

The purpose of the BioZone Association is to represent BioZone Students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Assistants, and Technicians and to promote a productive work environment.


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    To maintain a collegial and collaborative atmosphere within BioZone by encouraging social activities, events, active communication, and knowledge exchange.

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    To help shape the goals and mission of BioZone.

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    To promote BioZone as a leading research centre to academia (students, researchers, and collaborators) and industry, through a robust presence on external media such as professional social networks, the BioZone website, and through external events.

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    To promote efficient operation and maintenance of important shared BioZone equipment and facilities.

Leadership Council

  • President: Mabel Wong
  • Internal Communication Coordinator: Elisse Magnuson, Mabel Wong
  • External Relations Coordinator: Julie-Anne Gandier
  • Academic Development Coordinator: Fei Luo, Peter J Stogios
  • Industrial Relations Coordinator: Ruoyu Yan
  • Senior Advisor: Nigel Guilford
  • Ex Officio: Sean Caffrey