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The CREATE for BioZone connects bioscience and bioengineering researchers with experts in leadership, entrepreneurship, law, and Open Science training, to establish a training hub producing graduates with alternative perspectives and dynamic, adaptable skills needed to grow Canada's share of the global circular bioeconomy. The circular bioeconomy as the intersection of the bioeconomy and the circular economy where renewable resources are transformed into a cascade of products, with higher value products and their residues progressively recycled and transformed into new and valuable products. Developing Canada's circular bioeconomy is essential for sustainable development and growth.

Benefits for Students

The CREATE program will provide students with the skills needed to lead Canada's transition to a sustainable circular bioeconomy. Learning experiences include workshops in:

  • Accelerating innovation through open science and novel business models
  • Improving data fluency through programming and using, sharing, and visualizing large omics datasets
  • Evaluation of biotechnologies using TEA and LCA methodologies
  • Science communication and leadership training

CREATE students are also eligible to access funds for international research exchanges and funds to support company creation.


Training Program Overview

Training Program

Growing Canada's biotech sector will require students to possess more than technical excellence. This CREATE program addresses three skill gaps that will equip our students to become leaders in the bioeconomy sector.

  • Data fluency

    The CREATE Program will equip students with the skills to manage and share enormous amounts of data generated by genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and sensor technology.

  • Innovation in entrepreneurship and idea generation

    The CREATE promotes the acceleration of innovation by training students in knowledge transfer skills, open science principles, entrepreneurship techniques, and provides researchers with the space to incubate their technologies.

  • Communication and leadership skills

    The CREATE Program will train researchers in science communication to non-technical audiences, and promote authentic leadership and inclusive culture.