Eligibility & Trainee Requirements

All BioZone personnel are encouraged to participate in CREATE events and workshops.

To obtain a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) entry and be eligible for travel funding, entrepreneurship support, and a CREATE stipend, trainees are asked to submit a CREATE registration form, and complete the requirements below.


Program Elements


  • Supervised by a Professor in the CREATE program
  • Working on a project that develops or facilitates the development of biotechnologies for the circular economy
  • Use of electronic notebooks
  • Sharing of all data sets in public repositories and publish in pre-print and open access archives
  • Participation in AGM and workshops on open science, leadership, TEA/LCA​​

​PhD/ MASc/ MSc holding a CREATE for BioZone stipend​

  • Co-supervision by two Professors with unique but complementary expertise​ (note: informal co-supervision through research committees is acceptable; however, formal co-supervision will be weighted more)
  • Completion of two (if PhD) / one (if MASc) of the following new graduate courses or equivalent courses with similar content:
    • Bioprocess Engineering (e.g., CHE1133)
    • Regulatory Affairs for Biotechnology (e.g., CHE1135)
    • Bioseparations
    • Computation for Bioengineers (R, Python, FAIR Principles)
    • Computational Biology
    • Multivariate Data Processing
  • Completion one of the following updated graduate courses or equivalent courses with similar content:
    • Environmental Biotechnology (e.g., CIV541)
    • Life Cycle Assessment of Engineering Activities (e.g., CIV1307)
    • Treatment Wetlands (e.g., CIV1399)
    • Liquid Biofuels (e.g., CHE1123)
    • Modeling of Biochemical Networks (e.g., CHE1125)
    • Advances in Bioengineering (e.g., CHE1134)
    • Data Mining in Engineering (e.g., CHE1147)
    • Process Data Analytics (e.g., CHE1148)
    • Engineering Systems Sustainability (e.g., CHE1151)
    • Environmental Microbiology (e.g., JCC1313)
  • Completion of one of the following leadership courses or equivalent courses with similar content:
    • ​Concepts and Applications of Authentic Leadership (e.g., APS1011H)
    • Leadership and Leading in Groups and Organizations (e.g., APS1501H)
    • Science of Emotional Intelligence and its Application to Leadership (e.g., APS1029H)
  • 1/3 of CREATE MASc thesis projects will be structured as team projects

CREATE Registration Forms

All BioZone members are able to participate in the CREATE workshops and events.

However, to obtain a Co-Curricular Record (CCR) credit and to be eligible for travel funding, entrepreneurship support, and a CREATE stipend you must register for the program.

Please use the link below to download the appropriate registration form.