Mass Spec User Meeting

November 16, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wallberg room 407 (4th floor)
200 College St
Toronto, ON M5T 3A1
Dr. Andrei Starostine

BioZone’s Mass Spectrometry Facility is holding our annual meeting for current and future users. The aims of this meeting are:

  1.  to provide users with information on the latest techniques and methods the facility is capable of performing,
  2. and to determine what sample prep techniques and analysis tools our users are interested in having access to.

Tentative Agenda:

12:00 pm Registration and pizza lunch
12:15 pm Welcome and Introductions – Dr. Alexander Yakunin
12:20 pm Keynote Address – Dr. Hannes Röst, Donnelly Centre @ UofT
1:05 pm   Analysis of Small Molecule and Metabolomic Mass Spectrometry Data
1:35 pm   User Results – Using LC-MS to tackle unknowns
1:50 pm   User Forum
2:15 pm   Tour of the Mass Spectrometry Facility & Student Q&A
2:45 pm   End of Meeting

Keynote Abstract

Developing the tools for the personalized medicine
revolution: Using mass spectrometry for longitudinal
molecular profiling

Personalized medicine entails a vision where patients will have access to
large number of molecular data with high temporal resolution. I will discuss
how recent developments in high throughput mass spectrometry can be
applied to study individual patients on a personalized level. Specifically, I
will talk about the development of data-independent acquisition (DIA)
methods in mass spectrometry for increased reproducibility and
quantitative accuracy in mass spectrometry, allowing us to quantify
peptides across hundreds of LC-MS/MS runs. We have applied MS-based
approaches to study the variation of the blood metabolome and proteome
in pre-diabetic adults when gaining weight over a period of a months as
well as studied the metabolome of pregnant women during pregnancy.

Find out more about the BioZone Mass Spec facility here: