Technoeconomic Assessment Workshop @ University of Toronto - Medical Sciences Building Room 2170
May 28 – May 29 all day

The goal of the workshop will be to develop an understanding of and competency in using TEA to help direct and critically analyze research targets and objectives.

Techno-economic analysis (TEA) is the integration of process design with economic analysis techniques to compare or study the economic feasibility of production processes. Understanding how and when to use TEA techniques, and the associated uncertainties and limitations of the results, is key for engineers and researchers developing novel production methods and pathways. A well-designed TEA with appropriate data can help to: estimate a minimum selling price for a product, compare the economic returns of different production pathways and targets, identify the most cost-critical components of a process, study the sensitivity of production cost to the cost of resources, and compare returns at different scales of production.

Although this event is for members of the Industrial Biocatalysis Network a limited number of spaces are available for non-members.

The workshop will feature:

  • Fundamental process design and economic analysis topics
  • Enzyme production process case studies
  • Interactive participant exercises
  • Lessons from industry
  • A special talk on technology commercialization

Workshop topics will include:

  • Process design fundamentals
    • Process components and scale-up considerations
    • Mass balance and energy requirements
    • Raw material and utility costs
    • Software tools for TEA
  • Economic analysis tools
    • NPV analysis
    • Cost of capital
    • Cash conversion cost and margins and minimum selling price
  • Process-linked economic analysis
    • Cap-Ex and Op-Ex
    • Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis
  • TEA applications and use for directed process development
  • Technology commercialization