Professor Grant Allen receives Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award

BioZone Professor Grant Allen has been recognized with a Sustained Excellence in Teaching award for his exceptional contributions as a teacher and administrative leader.

“Allen joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor in 1987. He served as Associate Chair, Graduate Studies for ChemE from 2003-2007, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies for the Faculty from 2007-2011 and as ChemE Chair from 2011-2021. As Associate Chair, Graduate Studies, he led the development of the Graduate Research Weekend, now a Faculty-wide event. As Vice-Dean he collaborated with student leaders to implement town halls, a practice he continued as ChemE Chair. He promoted a culture of teaching excellence, offering mentoring to new faculty, incorporating educational thought leaders into ChemE’s lecture series and establishing teaching triads, which encouraged faculty to visit each other’s classes and share ideas.

Despite these demanding leadership roles, Allen has continued to teach core ChemE courses, incorporating humour, props and interactive demonstrations into his lessons and creating a series of online videos for his fluid mechanics course during the pandemic. He received the ChemE Teacher of the Year Award in 2007.”

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