Sample Prep

On site preparation of biological samples for metabolomics studies is available upon consultation/request. Methodology for preparation is dependent on sample type to be used for study. Briefly, preparation may involve growth and isolation of cells, quenching of cellular processes, extraction of metabolite pool and processing for mass spectrometry analysis.

Metabolome Extraction
Diagram of bacterial metabolite extraction workflow.
(Click on image for metabolic extraction protocols)

Items not supplied as part of service:
• Organisms of interest: bacterial or eukaryotic cell lines (need both control and perturbed clones).
• Non-standard culture media (not one of the following: LB, TB, minimal medium, DMEM)
• Any chemical reagents used to alter metabolism (i.e. activators, inhibitors, repressors, etc.)
• May require metabolite standards if not already present in current library
• For stable isotope experiments, stable C13 carbon source is required

For further information and to discuss requirements and feasibility of on-site sample preparation for your study, please contact Robert Flick