Vision & Mission

BioZone’s vision is to be a multidisciplinary and internationally recognized centre for bioengineering research, technology transfer, outreach and training focused on urgent societal needs in sustainable energy, the environment and human health. A particular strength will be our ability to effectively translate the most appropriate and up to date molecular and cellular discoveries and tools into industrial practice.

BioZone’s mission is:

  • to attract the best and brightest minds from a diverse range of fields, including chemical and process engineering, microbiology, genomics, biochemistry, medicine, computer science, economics and public policy
  • to create a focal point for collaborative applied and environmental bioengineering research leading to the development of innovative new technologies that address urgent challenges and foster the long-term sustainability of our planet and its inhabitants
  • to provide students with the knowledge and ability to debate public policies and influence political decisions that affect the environment and health, based on sound scientific principles
  • to provide a state-of-the-art facility and exciting opportunities for research
  • to foster innovation, creativity, and imagination
  • to foster leadership and excellence, humility and collegiality
  • to have fun
  • to have a lasting and positive impact on our environment and society